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One Way to Create Opportunity

The successful people I know have little in common. Some are shy, some are talkative. Some are detail-oriented, others are big picture thinkers. Some are doing well in their careers, others don’t have a job. Most are nice, a few are not.

Their only common denominator is that they are goal-driven. But what does that really tell us? Their goals range from being promoted every 18 months to cutting slang out of their vocabulary.

On the surface, you might have difficulty identifying exactly how to apply this to your own life. But goal-driven people always set intentions, even if they are doing something they aren’t necessarily thrilled about doing.

My friend whose goal is to be promoted every year-and-a-half thinks about being promoted all the time. Whenever he has a conversation with anyone, he sets an intention – to network, to share an accomplishment, or to identify a new opportunity.

My friend that is cutting slang out of his vocabulary always sets the same two intentions. One is to avoid using slang himself, and the other is to listen to the slang the other people use and mentally come up with alternatives. (He’s an interesting guy.)

Setting intentions for every interaction creates unlikely opportunities. Think about your goals and your day-to-day interactions. How might you find unexpected opportunities?


Invest in Your Success: Tips for Upgrading Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Your appearance is a critical part of how others perceive you, and more importantly, how they react to you. A professional, polished appearance does more than give you an advantage at work – it builds your self-confidence!

And of course, January 1 is always a great time to make a change. No matter when you read this, though, this post will provide some tips to help you achieve your goals and look your best!

How to Change Your Look Without Breaking the Bank
Maybe your wardrobe is a little outdated, or you’ve gained or lost some weight and your clothes don’t fit. Or maybe you’re just ready for a change. In any case, most of us don’t have unlimited finances, so let’s go over a few tips to make your wardrobe upgrade more affordable.


First things first, abandon what is not working, whether that is revealing tops, gaudy earrings, large belt buckles, or clothes that look faded and worn. This is an easy tip because it doesn’t cost any money to stop doing something, and you’ll soon see it pay off.

TIP: Avoid fads.
Trendy items have a brief shelf life and are often expensive.

Second, begin replacing your older clothes with an updated look. As you look to invest in yourself and your future, a good way to start is by purchasing a few classic items that can be mixed and matched. You can start with a few staples and slowly build around those items.


A white oxford button-down shirt is a great choice for men or women. So are dark pants or skirts.

TIP: Scarves and ties are a great way to dress up a simple outfit. 

Other items to consider are one or two sweaters, vests, or cardigans in versatile colors like red, blue, or gray. Invest in a pair of plain dress shoes (black or dark gray).

Tailored Slim-Fit Black Nailhead Wool Dress Pant - Black

TIP: If you’re on a limited budget, buy solid colors.
They’re much more versatile than prints.

How to Guide Your Clothing Choices 
Take your surroundings and goals into consideration. If you work at a greenhouse, dressing for success does not involve a suit and a tie. If you work at a corporate office, wearing casual clothing can be a career-limiting decision.

What are your goals? If your goal is to move into a different field, observe the people already working there. If you have a desk job but you want a role that requires physical activity,  look for clothes that would be acceptable in either role.

Still not sure what to purchase? Look around you. What does success look like at your company? Ask yourself what clothing or accessories would help you look the part.

Armani suits may not be in the budget, but you can use a picture of one and ask for help finding a similar, less expensive option

That isn’t to suggest that you purchase a Rolex so you can check the time just like the CEO of your company. Stay within your budget and use your observations to guide those choices.

TIP: Buy the highest quality classic items you can afford.  

The bottom line is that it is human nature to make assumptions based on appearance. Too often, this works against people who are bright and qualified. However, you can make this work in your favor by being thoughtful and selective with the clothing, shoes, and accessories you buy.