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One Way to Create Opportunity

The successful people I know have little in common. Some are shy, some are talkative. Some are detail-oriented, others are big picture thinkers. Some are doing well in their careers, others don’t have a job. Most are nice, a few are not.

Their only common denominator is that they are goal-driven. But what does that really tell us? Their goals range from being promoted every 18 months to cutting slang out of their vocabulary.

On the surface, you might have difficulty identifying exactly how to apply this to your own life. But goal-driven people always set intentions, even if they are doing something they aren’t necessarily thrilled about doing.

My friend whose goal is to be promoted every year-and-a-half thinks about being promoted all the time. Whenever he has a conversation with anyone, he sets an intention – to network, to share an accomplishment, or to identify a new opportunity.

My friend that is cutting slang out of his vocabulary always sets the same two intentions. One is to avoid using slang himself, and the other is to listen to the slang the other people use and mentally come up with alternatives. (He’s an interesting guy.)

Setting intentions for every interaction creates unlikely opportunities. Think about your goals and your day-to-day interactions. How might you find unexpected opportunities?